8 Intercom Solutions

Audio and video intercom system, is designed to control access of location and entities, consisting of door stations, master stations and emergency stations. New technology implements IP-based intercoms combine voice and data over an IP network, eliminating separate wires for audio and video, while adopting Power over Ethernet (PoE) removes the need for separate power cabling. Intercom systems are essential for developing two-way communications throughout a building or campus. Schools, hospitals, offices, and more all frequently use intercom systems for efficient communication. The main advantage of getting an intercom system installed is that it adds security to the property and you don’t have to answer the front door to someone you can’t see. In addition to adding security, an intercom system provides your convenience and can increase the value of your property. So, whether you’re thinking of installing an intercom for your home or business, it’s well worth the effort. Based on your needs, you can decide on the correct door intercom systems and intercom phone for your facility which will bring wonderful value and ease to your daily work.