7 Alarm systems

Alarm systems are designed to detect un authorized entry into a building or area. Burglars steal not just your material possession also they steal your peace of mind. Protect your home, your business and your office with our state-of-the-art security burglar alarm system.

Our security burglar alarm system is designed to give early warning of unwanted intrusion by sounding a siren, activating our central alarm monitoring station or calling you directly on your mobile phone.

Our intruder alarm system ensures foolproof security at homes, offices or industrial establishments. The basic function of these systems is to protect your environment not only from crime but also from unforeseen events and disasters. Our systems provide your security personnel and facility managers with up-t o- date information in the ever-changing environment. Whether you have a very comp lex campus environment or a shopping mall or a smaller card room, our intruder alarm system will meet all your com plex needs. The system includes an intrusion door control and monitoring, panic alarms, movement detector, vibration sensors and perimeter protection.