About Us

Diamond Galaxy, specialize in retail & wholesale trading in supplying and installing all types of Electrical & Electronic products as well as tools and hardware items to meet needs of all commercial and residential purposes.

Diamond Galaxy provide wide range of product for both electronic & electrical sectors by dealing with reliable brands from International market. enabling us to be the choice for anyone wanting to source products from these brands.

Diamond Galaxy is a security solution provider and systems integrator. We deliver end-to-end tailored security solutions to a range of sectors including government, oil & gas, banking, health care, transport, commercial, industrial, mall & medium supermarkets & retail stores and homes.

Diamond Galaxy provide latest technology Home Automation System solution the powerful system hardware and intelligent control system integrated whole home / building. this provides customer with improved convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency.


Our vision to be energetic trading company in the market in the field of electronics & electricals product supplier.We will give the highest level of attention to our customer relationship and needs. Likewise, we will provide broadest selection of branded products to exceed our customers expectations in quality, delivery and cost.


Offering our customers high level support and various items with reasonable cost, and offering expellant after sales service.


  • Loyal to our customer to present valuable product.
  • We give great empathy to our customer needs.
  • providing high quality product and premium vale to our customer.
  • We be successful more when we collaborate.
  • We focus on hiring the best, keeping the best, and continually improving the skills and capabilities of individuals and teams.
  • To Be Honest fair and accountable.